Add Analytics to my Web-Site

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You can add an analytics script (like the Google Analytics tracker) to any web-page you create in Graphite using the 'Code' widget. Please note, however, that using this will add the code in the web page’s <body> tag, not the <head> where it’s intended.

For that reason, we highly recommend adding such code bits at the very bottom of your web-page. In this case, even though your script will be embedded within the <body> tag, it will be rendered by the browser after the general structure of the page. Thus, using this method will have no negative impact on your web-page's online visibility (SEO) or performance.

New Feature Coming Up: please rest assured that we have plans to include script integration as a fully-fledged feature in our future updates.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like some extra help – please feel free to check out our community forums, or contact us directly. Cheers!

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