Project shows this error while editing

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Hello! This bug occurred when working with a project offline, and accidentally closing the browser. When I opened the project online, it shows this error while editing. While viewing the project, most of the elements are displayed (except for the HTML code).
Tried opening the project in another browser. Does not help. I draw your attention to this bug.

Viktor Kadnikov

Hi Oleg,

Thank you for the bug report! 

Unfortunately, at this moment it's not possible to fix this error inside the editor.

The only way to fix this is to delete this section or page and build it from scratch.

This kind of error can happens sometimes when you using offline mode or sync editing between different devices or browser tabs. We are looking forward to fix this kind of issues in the future.

Michael Shippard

Has a fix been found for this bug over the past 2 years that doesn't involve starting again?